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The Luma TC Story


The human brain is comprised of 100 billion nerve cells with 500 trillion connections. As you age, your brain wears individually based on environmental stressors, toxic exposure, trauma, disease, hereditary vulnerability, and other influences. Consequently, your nerve cells begin to gradually lose normal function. These nerve cells can become inflamed and begin to build up unhealthy protein deposits called plaques and tangles due to aging and faulty cell processes. At some point, these cells can no longer function normally and die, leaving holes and broken circuitry in the brain.

In the Alzheimer’s Disease Process this deterioration can begin silently in your 40s, starting in the part of the brain that controls memory. By your 60’s, the symptoms of mild cognitive impairment, memory loss, and mild dementia can begin to occur. This disease process repeats itself in other parts of your brain over time causing a continued decline in cognitive, emotional, and motor skill ability, resulting in a slow march to death. This is a horrible eventuality that any of us could face.

Fortunately, with LUMA TC, a once-daily tablet, there is new hope for preventing, managing, arresting, and restoring lost nerve tissue in Alzheimer’s patients.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given us a wonderful natural mechanism for addressing diseased nerve intracellular processes. This mechanism is classified as “Medical Foods”, which normalizes intracellular Inborn Errors of Metabolism (IEMs).

With IEM’s, nerve cell enzymes can be overactive–or not active enough–causing inflammation, plaques, and tangles to form in the brain. LUMA TC is a Medical Food that can normalize or prevent faulty cellular processes. As LUMA TC goes to work, it can restore proper cell function and even stimulate production of new cells to replace those that have died, thus re-establishing circuitry and connectivity.

Research Science has identified multiple causes of cellular dysfunction (IEM’s) in Alzheimer’s Disease. These causes within the brain include: high inflammation, oxidative stress, build up of beta-amyloid plaques and tau tangles occurring in and around nerve cells, causing them to die.  And, unknown to many, Research Science has also identified Medical Food ingredients that can prevent, arrest, manage, and restore nerve cellular health in neurocognitive disease.

In a recently published 18-month randomized, placebo-controlled human trial, the SHOWCASE ingredient in LUMA TC, (Theracurmin TC Sub-Micron particle, 180mg. per day in divided doses, a bioavailable form of curcumin) led to significant memory and attention benefits compared to placebo.  FDDNP-PET brain scans performed pre and post-treatment suggested that behavioral and cognitive benefits are associated with decreases in plaque and tangle accumulation in brain regions modulating mood and memory compared to placebo.

Through much in vitro and in vivo research, the ingredients in LUMA TC are in the form and amounts proven to collectively and synergistically reduce inflammation and oxidative stress significantly in the nerve cells, as well as prevent and arrest beta-amyloid plaque and tau tangle production, thus preventing nerve cell death. The ingredients in LUMA TC can also stimulate production of neuroprotective substances called neurotrophins that lead to growth and replacement of new nerve cells, resulting in increased volume of gray and white matter in the brain.


Truly caring about delivering the latest clinical data and nutraceutical science, our goal with LUMA TC  is to utilize the latest scientific research to combine the exact ingredients, in the exact amounts and form, needed to do the work of prevention, management and restoration in neurocognitive disease processes. Incorporating these ingredients into one agent, LUMA TC, safely addresses the enormous void in this therapy area.

We hope you, as a layperson or medical professional, will endeavor to become more informed about the ingredients found in LUMA TC and its combined ability as a Medical Food to address the Alzheimer’s Disease process, cognitive dysfunction, and memory loss at the cellular level. More detailed information may be found by reading the Product Information page. 

Fix the nerve cell. Fix the brain.

Our best wishes for a brighter, happier tomorrow for all who suffer.

Towny Robinson
Co-inventor LUMA TC
CEO JayMac Pharmaceuticals, LLC

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